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Speakers Gavril Flores, Malta Digital Innovation AuthorityStephen Dullaghan, Rupture StudiosMatthew Pullicino, Stargate Studios MaltaAndre Rittner, ARRI SolutionsAndrey Evdokimov, Sperasoft MaltaDylan Seychell, University of Malta Location MCC - Vassalli Hall

Description The Art of Film Production is complex. It delivers both cultural and economic products. Because of this overlap, it can give rise to conflicting measures and policy decisions. The benefit of having a dynamic ecosystem is acknowledged in virtually every country with a mature film and audio-visual industry. Our sector comprises largely

Description Location shooting for the international film and audio-visual industries is crucial, and both interior and outside settings must be adaptable and simple to reach. Depending on the creative requirements of the script, places can be used to represent any region. Sound stages have proven to be the most efficient and future forward

Description With the rise of streaming platforms like Netflix, national broadcasting stations are facing challenges in remaining relevant to audiences. The European Union’s internal market shows that there is scope to encourage innovation and facilitate cross-border trade and investment in the film and audio-visual sector. In addition, the EU’s audio-visual industry benefits from

Description Independent filmmaking is a challenging and often financially risky endeavour. The concept of “art” is subjective. For some, art is a creative expression that can enrich cultural life, while for others, art is a matter of personal taste. The independent filmmaker through their work strives to create works that reflect their artistic

Description The global content market is booming. Consequently, there has been an increase in servicing and catering for the demand for filming locations and soundstages. Many countries worldwide are vying to host the projects being produced by film studios or commissioned by the fast-growing Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) services such as Netflix,