24 May, 2023

Public Financing Models (Co-Financing, Co-Production & The Incentive Landscape)


The global content market is booming. Jurisdictions across the world are constantly vying to attract projects to shoot within their borders. Awareness for the potential of the film and audio-visual industry has also been growing world-wide, and there is an increased focus from Governments creating incentive schemes. However, there are limitations on how much private individuals or companies can access and benefit from public funding. Accordingly, how can we ensure a sustainable film and audio-visual industry that supports the sector’s overall growth and achieves commercial and cultural outcomes for the industry helping to improve our ability to compete and grow our production sector in the years to come.


Maja Vukić, Croatian Audiovisual Centre
Diomides Nikita, Cyprus Deputy Ministry of Culture
Michel Plazanet, CNC
Eleni Chandrinou, Eurimages
Natasa Bucar, Slovenian Film Centre
Susan Ronald, Malta Film Commission


MCC – Vassalli Hall