24 May, 2023

Film Financing Models


The Art of Film Production is complex. It delivers both cultural and economic products. Because of this overlap, it can give rise to conflicting measures and policy decisions. The benefit of having a dynamic ecosystem is acknowledged in virtually every country with a mature film and audio-visual industry. Our sector comprises largely SMEs and self-employed freelancers and professionals – all of whom contribute positively by providing sought-after services, or by creating and producing content. Even though film is an art form, it can only be sustainable if it is viewed as a business.


Anita Juka, Croatia
Lefteris Eleftheriou, Invest Cyprus
Markos Holevas, Greek Film Centre
Danijel Holevar, Slovenia
Flaminio Zadra, Italy
Gary Raskin, Raskin Law
Matt Hookings, Producer


MCC – Vassalli Hall