Golden Bee Awards Winners

Malta Create Finalists

1 - Antonella Muscat and Matt Saunders - Threnody of the Tunnels
2 - Brenton Gilford and Gabriel Piscopo - Rejħet il-Mewt
3 - Bruce Micallef Eynaud - Dirty Work
4 - Difyrent (Dylan Odom, Maria Grech and Adam Ryan)- I Wish I Never Existed
5 - Gaetano Sascaro - The Call of the Sea: A Magical Journey to Malta
6 - Jeremy Vella - Shakshouka
7 - Justin Darmanin - Falkun
8 - Juwill Productions (Julian Cachia and William Cachia) - Juwill Brothers
9 - Michelle Gruppetta - Father, I am not your Strongest Soldier
10 - Richard Starkey - The Last Milestone

Difyrent (Dylan Odom, Maria Grech and Adam Ryan) were chosen as the winners of Malta Create 2023.

The David Walliams Live Book Show

Mediterranean Conference Centre | Thursday 29th June at 10 am

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Sure Start: Film Education

Official Selection Announcement 2023

Malta Create

Investing more in tomorrow's filmmakers

The Launch

June 25 - June 30, 2023

The size of our country never deterred us from dreaming big.

A small country but we are a great nation.

Through our unyielding ambition and collective spirit, we have always strived to reach our full potential.

With 100 years of history in film-making, we want to consolidate Malta’s position in the global film market.

The government is committed to developing a robust, full-fledged, year-round film industry that significantly contributes to our economy.

To achieve this objective we have identified four key pillars: infrastructure, film culture and education, human resources, and financial support.

The Mediterrane Film Festival serves as a tribute to the value of cooperation, the power of unity, and the importance of the Mediterranean region working together on the art of film.