24 May, 2023

Arthouse and Independent Cinema in the Digital Age: Challenges and Opportunities Amidst Blockbusters and Streaming Platforms


Independent filmmaking is a challenging and often financially risky endeavour. The concept of “art” is subjective. For some, art is a creative expression that can enrich cultural life, while for others, art is a matter of personal taste. The independent filmmaker through their work strives to create works that reflect their artistic vision and values. Success for an independent film can be measured in various ways, depending on the filmmaker’s goals including the quality of the script, the filmmaker’s ability to effectively communicate their vision to audiences, the context of the film, and the reception it receives from audiences and critics.


Ena Rahelić, Kino Mediterran (Croatia)
Marco Martins, Director/Writer (Portugal)
Jure Matičič, Kulturni dom Domžale (Slovenia)
Chris Zarb, Director (Malta)
Valerie Buhagiar, Director (Malta)


MCC – Vassalli Hall