The “Malta Create” Short Film Fund is an initiative of the Malta Film Commission to support new filmmakers who have never received financial assistance or funding related to film production from any government entity. The aim of the fund is to provide emerging filmmakers with an opportunity to showcase their talent and creativity, while also promoting the development of the film industry in Malta.

Do you have a story to tell? Have you ever dreamt of working in the film industry? Are you looking for a golden ticket to Hollywood?

The MFC will help you develop your idea and provide €100,000 of funding to employ a professional film crew to support turning your vision into a 15 minute short film.

Entry Requirements:

  1. Write a one page ‘treatment’ (outline/synopsis) the story which you would like to tell.
  2. Write a one page document describing your vision for the film and how you would like to tell your story.
  3. Provide a page of images which help communicate your vision.
  4. Provide a basic schedule/financing plan for how to spend the €100,000.

The closing date for the submission of the proposal is the 7th of June 2023 at 12PM.

Winner will be announced on 30th June 2023.

Queries? Send an email on [email protected]


1 - Antonella Muscat and Matt Saunders - Threnody of the Tunnels
2 - Brenton Gilford and Gabriel Piscopo - Rejħet il-Mewt
3 - Bruce Micallef Eynaud - Dirty Work
4 - Difyrent (Dylan Odom, Maria Grech and Adam Ryan)- I Wish I Never Existed
5 - Gaetano Sascaro - The Call of the Sea: A Magical Journey to Malta
6 - Jeremy Vella - Shakshouka
7 - Justin Darmanin - Falkun
8 - Juwill Productions (Julian Cachia and William Cachia) - Juwill Brothers
9 - Michelle Gruppetta - Father, I am not your Strongest Soldier
10 - Richard Starkey - The Last Milestone

Difyrent (Dylan Odom, Maria Grech and Adam Ryan) were chosen as the winners of Malta Create 2023.