24 May, 2023

National Broadcasting Stations and Remaining Relevant for Audiences in the Age of Streaming Platforms


With the rise of streaming platforms like Netflix, national broadcasting stations are facing challenges in remaining relevant to audiences. The European Union’s internal market shows that there is scope to encourage innovation and facilitate cross-border trade and investment in the film and audio-visual sector. In addition, the EU’s audio-visual industry benefits from the Digital Single Market, which has helped to create new opportunities for EU producers and distributors; however, is this really the case? How does it apply to the broadcasting sector? Even though the EU produces a lot of audio-visual content there still appears to be some barriers.


Jelena Milosevic, Drama Department, HRT (Croatian Television)
Despo Karpi, Head of TV Programmes (CyBC)
Natalija Gorsak, Editor at RTV Slovenia / EBU TV Committee Vice Chair
Charles Dalli, Public Broadcasting Service (Malta)


MCC – Vassalli Hall