24 May, 2023

Location, Location, Location


Location shooting for the international film and audio-visual industries is crucial, and both interior and outside settings must be adaptable and simple to reach. Depending on the creative requirements of the script, places can be used to represent any region. Sound stages have proven to be the most efficient and future forward method of production. Nowadays, the capacity to produce content in real time in camera is a key component of Virtual Production using broadcast LED walls with the use of completely constructed scenarios created digitally which allows remote access and real-time settings, ushering in a new way of working.


Tanja Ladovic Blasevic, Croatian Audiovisual Centre
Stavroula Geronimaki, Hellenic Film Commission
Joseph Formosa Randon, Location Scout – Malta
Michael Glaser, Location Manager – US
Peter Gluck, Location Manager – US
Ted Kim, Location Manager – US


MCC – Vassalli Hall