Sure Start: Film Education

As the film industry in Malta continues to reach new heights, never more than now has film education become more relevant. Following the Film Commissioner’s pledge to invest 500,000 Euros annually into education initiatives, the Film Commission is set to host Malta’s first conference focused on Film-Education on the 27th of June at the Mediterranean Conference Centre. Directed at industry professionals, educators, and policymakers the conference will discuss themes related to film education in both the formal education system as well as in informal settings. The conference will also focus on the transition from the education system into the film industry.

The conference will feature a keynote speech delivered by Kathleen Beckman from FACETS; an American nonprofit organization with decades of experience in Film Education initiatives in Chicago. A number of panel discussions will feature representatives from the University of Malta, MCAST, Secondary schools, Agenzija Zghazagh, NGOs, National Skills Council, film festival organisers as well as representatives from the Industry.